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November 12, 2017

Name Brands, Affordable Prices

Who else loves a good bargain find besides me? I don’t usually like to drop a lot of money on one item. I am not bashing people who do; I just can’t afford it. My typical go-to stores are usually Marshalls, TJ-Maxx, Ross, Target and now Gabe’s. You can find name brands at affordable prices! I just recently added Wal-mart to the list as well. Check out my last blog post on the goodies I found.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you that everything in this post is under $15 except ONE THING. My roommate and I went to Gabe’s last weekend to browse around and we spent 3 hours in this place. You guys could literally get lost in their entire inventory. From clothes, shoes, and accessories to home décor, the prices are unbelievable. If some of you do not know, Gabe’s is a sister store of ‘The Rugged Warehouse.’ Okay! Enough ranting, time to check out the goodies.

(*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, mean, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.*)


Ankle Wedge Booties & Floppy Hat

Starting with accessories and shoes, I found these Bamboo Wedge Booties for $7.99. This was not, let me repeat, was not sale price! I tried them on and had to have them. They are comfortable and lined with faux fur, so perfect for the fall and winter. The western hat was $7.99 as well. I am not big on hats, only because I don’t like what I look like with them on. I think I have a very large head..haha. This one was really cute on though and it isn’t too large, so I don’t have to worry about hitting other people with my giant head and hat.

Embroidered Sweater Tee Embroidered Sweater Tee

I’m seeing a lot of embroidery details this year and this sweater tee caught my eye with its details. So I actually went to Gabe’s twice in one weekend. I tried this one on the first time, loved it but was like ugh I don’t need it. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it later so I went back the next day and bought it. It was only $10.99 so I couldn’t resist!

Plush Lined Denim Jacket Plush Lined Denim Jacket

If you follow me on IG, then I know ya’ll have seen this in several of my posts. This was the most expensive thing I bought from Gabe’s and it actually wasn’t expensive in my eyes. Only $20 for a nice quality denim jacket? Just call me John Bender from ‘The Breakfast Club,’ cause that’s who I feel like.

Everyday Cardigan & Tied Tee Everyday Cardigan & Tied Tee

Next stop, cardigans. I really do believe that sweaters and cardigans just put a spell on us women. I always feel like I never have enough! This one, I couldn’t pass up for $12.99. It’s flattering for my petite frame. I’m only 5’0 and it flares out slightly at my hips, giving me more shape. How cute are my parents front porch though, haha. Oh and my stepdad made the fall sign, so that cannot be bought in stores! 😉

Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Tee Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Tee

Moving onto this adorable ruffle sweatshirt. You guys have seen the ruffle trend everywhere. I will definitely have myself a large collection of all things ruffle. This was only $10.99!

Boho Bell-Sleeve Floral Top Boho Bell-Sleeve Floral Top

Please don’t mind my akward “playing the banjo” pose in the above picture. I don’t ever know what to do with my hands. This top is a stunner for only $12.99. Everything about this top, I love! The floral print, bell sleeves and choker neck are a must have.

Culottes & Plum Blouse Cold Shoulder Plum Blouse

My last two things are this gorgeous cold shoulder blouse and these cute af culottes!  I fell in love with this blouse for $10.99. It’s perfect for the holidays and you can easily transition this into an office look like I did here. The culottes were on sale for $5. Seriously, I just can’t even. I was inspired by another fellow blogger ‘Always, Alyssa Marie’ when she styled an adorable pair of culottes from Zara. You can check her out here!

Okay, I feel like I just threw a whole bunch of stuff at you guys to read but I hope you enjoyed it! If you have ever shopped at Gabe’s, what is the best thing you purchased? Until next time!


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  • Manisha@Modlotus

    All your looks are so trendy and fashionable. I liked that embroidered sweater with floral design ( good for valentine day too) and loved your cold shoulder blouse and golden yellow floral blouse with bell sleeves. great pictures. I have not started taking my own pictures yet on my blog. Have to learn that trick. I plan on working style guide for Florida and will give you a shout out for fall outfits. These are classic Florida winter looks. 🙂

    November 12, 2017 at 11:54 pm Reply
    • thuysavenue

      It takes a lot of practice to get the pictures right! I am still struggling and learning! 🙂

      November 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm Reply

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