Pre-Black Friday Sales Roundup!

Alright ya’ll, it’s that time of year again. The madness has already began. Holiday shoppers are out and so are the pre-Black Friday sales! I had a friend ask for a post on what I shop for on Black Friday. I’m not one to actually go out and shop on Black Friday. I did it once and I didn’t find that great of deals. Not to mention I HATE CROWDS. What I have learned over time is I find the best deals online. If I can shop from the comfort of my warm bed in my pjs, then I will take that option!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite retailers with the best deals this week. Things I am hunting for this season are sweaters, boots & accessories. I am also hunting for gifts for the family and him, a gift guide will be up later with ideas! One tip I will give is SIGN UP for email newsletters from your favorite retailers. I have signed up for all of the stores that I frequently shop so I get notifications of when there is a sale. So let’s just get into this already.

Old Navy- 40% Off Your Entire Purchase (No Code Needed)

American Eagle (My Holy Grail of Denim)- 40% Off + FREE SHIP

H&M- 20% off $60 + FREE SHIP

LOFT- Extra 40% off already marked down sale items (No Code Needed)

I’ve rounded up some pieces that I love from a few of my favorite retailers that are having great sales right now. I will do my best to keep this updated this week in accordance to Black Friday sales! These are all items I would consider buying so I hope you guys enjoy and get you or your family & friends a little something! 🙂

Always with love,


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Name Brands, Affordable Prices

Who else loves a good bargain find besides me? I don’t usually like to drop a lot of money on one item. I am not bashing people who do; I just can’t afford it. My typical go-to stores are usually Marshalls, TJ-Maxx, Ross, Target and now Gabe’s. You can find name brands at affordable prices! I just recently added Wal-mart to the list as well. Check out my last blog post on the goodies I found.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you that everything in this post is under $15 except ONE THING. My roommate and I went to Gabe’s last weekend to browse around and we spent 3 hours in this place. You guys could literally get lost in their entire inventory. From clothes, shoes, and accessories to home décor, the prices are unbelievable. If some of you do not know, Gabe’s is a sister store of ‘The Rugged Warehouse.’ Okay! Enough ranting, time to check out the goodies.

Starting with accessories and shoes, I found these Bamboo Wedge Booties for $7.99. This was not, let me repeat, was not sale price! I tried them on and had to have them. They are comfortable and lined with faux fur, so perfect for the fall and winter. The western hat was $7.99 as well. I am not big on hats, only because I don’t like what I look like with them on. I think I have a very large head..haha. This one was really cute on though and it isn’t too large, so I don’t have to worry about hitting other people with my giant head and hat.

I’m seeing a lot of embroidery details this year and this sweater tee caught my eye with its details. So I actually went to Gabe’s twice in one weekend. I tried this one on the first time, loved it but was like ugh I don’t need it. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it later so I went back the next day and bought it. It was only $10.99 so I couldn’t resist!

If you follow me on IG, then I know ya’ll have seen this in several of my posts. This was the most expensive thing I bought from Gabe’s and it actually wasn’t expensive in my eyes. Only $20 for a nice quality denim jacket? Just call me John Bender from ‘The Breakfast Club,’ cause that’s who I feel like.

Next stop, cardigans. I really do believe that sweaters and cardigans just put a spell on us women. I always feel like I never have enough! This one, I couldn’t pass up for $12.99. It’s flattering for my petite frame. I’m only 5’0 and it flares out slightly at my hips, giving me more shape. How cute are my parents front porch though, haha. Oh and my stepdad made the fall sign, so that cannot be bought in stores! 😉

Moving onto this adorable ruffle sweatshirt. You guys have seen the ruffle trend everywhere. I will definitely have myself a large collection of all things ruffle. This was only $10.99!

Please don’t mind my akward “playing the banjo” pose in the above picture. I don’t ever know what to do with my hands. This top is a stunner for only $12.99. Everything about this top, I love! The floral print, bell sleeves and choker neck are a must have.

My last two things are this gorgeous cold shoulder blouse and these cute af culottes!  I fell in love with this blouse for $10.99. It’s perfect for the holidays and you can easily transition this into an office look like I did here. The culottes were on sale for $5. Seriously, I just can’t even. I was inspired by another fellow blogger ‘Always, Alyssa Marie’ when she styled an adorable pair of culottes from Zara. You can check her out here!

Okay, I feel like I just threw a whole bunch of stuff at you guys to read but I hope you enjoyed it! If you have ever shopped at Gabe’s, what is the best thing you purchased? Until next time!


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Dress For Less-Affordable Fashion


How many of you want to look trendy but don’t want to break the bank? Well I am here to save your wallet! I went home to visit my family this past weekend and made a Walmart stop with my mom. Where I’m from we call it “Wally World.” I always forget that they can actually have some pretty cute items!

This isn’t my first rodeo with Walmart and their fashion. They actually have a good selection of clothes, jewelry and accessories, including purses. I wanted to go because my mom showed me a super cute pair of ankle boots she recently bought for $16! When I headed to the women’s section, I was kinda in heaven! Everything pictured, was under $12. Seriously!

Let’s start with the bell-sleeved sweater. I’ve seen one similar on other bloggers that are around $40. This one was only $12! The material is actually soft and thick which is why this was such a great deal. Not to mention, the adorable tie detail that I love! There were several other colors but ya’ll know me, I love black.

Next item that caught my eye was this simple mustard yellow thermal. First of all, I love the mustard color this season. It totally gives that 70s vintage vibe. I would wear this as a layering top and I have a really cute quilted vest I’d pair with it. It only cost me $7. Seriously, these prices are almost unbeatable. Watch was not from Walmart but you can get one here! Use discount code “THUYSAVENUE20” for 20% off. 🙂

I’ve been on the hunt for tassel and bubble earrings that I like because I have been seeing these EVERYWHERE. I don’t wear earrings enough to really break the bank but BOTH of these were $2 each. Yeah! The tag said $4 but they rang up as $2! I didn’t even question it, I said just throw it in the bag. Que “Throw It In the Bag” by Fabolous.

Last item that was almost a steal was this really cute reversible tote. I LOVE TOTES. I have a giant tote from Target in Camel and I have been searching for a black one that I really like. Found her for $10 which is honestly so good! I’ve found some that I like for more cost. I’m glad I waited to find this one and it’s reversible! One side is pleather while the other is suede. I’m into suede this fall so it’ll be this side for some time.

When I think of Walmart, I usually think of the website “people of Walmart” LOL and groceries because I shop for them there. So I do forget about their clothes and accessories. I just love their prices, even for make up! Don’t be afraid to shop at Walmart because it isn’t name brand or designer. I always feel pressured to buy things that I can’t afford because everyone else has it or does it. That’s thanks to social media for the most part but I am so satisfied when I get something for a bargain! Do any of you shop at department or super stores like Walmart? Comment down below!

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What To Wear To Work

Guys! I’ve worked so hard on getting this post to you! Many of us work a full-time job and some need a little inspiration to show their inner #BOSSBABE. I work in an office and it’s business casual but some days are more formal than others (when visiting a customer, etc). I put together 5 outfits just for you for 5 days of work. These are easy and versatile, ranging from minimalist to total boss babe chic. Whether you’re in a corporate job or even a teacher, you deserve to feel confident!

Outfit #1 Basics

Staples in your closet are black slacks, you can never have too many, a basic cotton button down blouse and a classic pair of black pumps. Believe it or not, I thrifted my slacks here for $3.99 and the top was on sale from H&M last fall for $17. I found the heels at TJ Maxx for $20. Here are similar, affordable options for the pants, blouse, and shoes. The shirt and pants can easily be found at a thrift store. I recommend ThredUp! Ladies, tuck in those shirts. It really gives that professional look and accentuates your waist. If you’re short, like me, it also makes you look taller.

Outfit #2 Turtle Neck & Prints

These are not slacks, they are leggings! Yes, you heard that right. I wore these to work the other day and got so many compliments. I love the print and love that they are leggings! I recently got these from Loft during one of their sales for $30. They are awesome quality too. The sweater is from Loft too but I got it last winter. It is honestly my go-to store for work wear! I always wait for a good sale, that means when the items on sale plus an additional percent off. They often do this, you just have to check out their site. Here is a similar turtleneck and these are so versatile! Let me go ahead and point out that mules are my all new favorite obsession of flats. I got these from Amazon but they are everywhere! Here are some from Target.

Outfit #3 Chiffon

Army green is one of my favorite colors this year and this one is just perfect. I found a similar one from Loft that is on sale! These are the same slacks as earlier, obviously. Again ladies, tuck in that shirt! Carry that power with you and be your own boss babe. I just love the way a tucked in shirt looks. I paired this outfit with these super cute leopard print mules from the Circus line by Sam Edelman. For $34.99, I just couldn’t resist and they’re my first pair of print shoes! You could also change it and wear those black pumps.

Outfit #4 Denim & Suede

Guys! I AM OBSESSED with this vest! OH. MY. GOSH. It’s the ‘Cassidy Vest‘ from a local boutique in North Carolina called BohoBlu. They have a ton of trendy and affordable pieces! The suede is such good quality, I could probably wear it every day. It also comes in black! Ugh, I am so tempted to order it but SELF-CONTROL girl! Anyways, gosh how cute does it look with a denim shirt? It’s the perfect fall combo! I am in love. I just paired it with a pair of skinny jeans, cause I can wear them in my office, and my favorite black ankle booties. I talked about them here in a previous post! You can wear this not only to work but anything after!

Outfit #5 Classic Black

YAS Honey! I saved the best for last (in my opinion). I love all black. Like most, I have a ton of black in my wardrobe and it’s always what I gravitate to when picking out a piece. My friend and I were like “oh my gosh” when I tried this look on. Black is the easiest color to transition into work wear because it is so versatile. You already know about the ‘Cassidy Vest’ but these suede boots are just ugh! I bought these bad girls two years ago from Kmart for $30. Here’s two similar pair not heeled and these have a heel. Perfectly paired with a black blouse.

*Does finger snap* I was so excited to put this post together for you all. I love each of these outfits uniquely and I hope that it inspires you to just bring your best forward in the workforce. Make yourself stand out from the others and scream confidence when you walk into a room. You are your own boss babe. Now go kill the game and show me your best looks!

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Two Ways to Layer a Dress for Fall

Rue 21 Velvet Slip Dress
Suede Halter Dress

Happy Monday ya’ll! I thought I would treat you to a pick me up in case you weren’t having a great start to your week. I’m a girl who is obsessed with layers. I don’t know if you have noticed but it’s trending to layer dresses and tees. I’m loving this look. It’s bold, edgy and it is the perfect way to transition your favorite summer dresses into fall without breaking the bank. I’m sharing TWO ways to style two different dresses.

I got this really cute velvet (making a comeback) dress from Rue 21 for NYE this past year for around $20 and paired it with a polka dot top that I thrifted for $5. You can easily pair this with some cute black ankle booties, like these I bought from Charlotte Russe last fall, to dress it up. They’re ALWAYS great at running specials, like BOGO. I got these and another pair of plain taupe booties for $15 each. Throw on a cute hat or just stick with a layer necklace and honey, you look chic AF.

For a more casual look. I took my favorite suede dress from BohoBlu and threw a plain grey tee under for an effortless, ready for brunch look. I got the tee at a thrift store for $2 & the dress for $34. Put on your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go. Mine are from Nordstrom for $40.

I hope you guys enjoyed these two looks and it inspires you to run to your closet and throw some pieces together! I linked similar items to what I have for what I would consider affordable. Tag me in your layered dresses on Instagram, I love seeing what you guys put together!



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