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August 27, 2018

Bible Apps and Devotionals I use

Hey ya’ll! I get a lot of questions about the devotionals I read and the app I use for them so I thought I would create a blog post for you all! I’m sharing not only the app but some of my favorite devotionals that have helped me! I have an iPhone and usually read my devotionals on my phone. The app I use is The Bible App by YouVersion. You can download this onto your phone or tablet device. It’s available in the app store for iPhone and in the Google play store for Android. It’s completely free to use, all you have to do is create an account. Here is what the icon looks like in the app stores for your reference when searching for it.


Once you have downloaded the app and created an account, you can freely read the Bible or you can start devotionals that emphasize something that is on your heart or something you are struggling with! See the arrow above for reference. This section called “Plans” is where all of your devotionals will be stored whether you are in the process of reading or you have already completed them. Since you are just getting started, click the “Plans” section to begin your search. Mine will look a little different because I already have plans that I have started reading. When you see this page, click the “Find Plans” tab. This is where you can search thousands of devotionals written by people covering various topics!

Let’s click on Anxiety for example. If you are like me and you struggle with anxiety, this is a great place to go to read about other people with the same issue and how they used God to help with feeling anxious and finding peace! You’ll see that there are a ton of other topics covered such as depression, love, peace, faith and so on. You can even search for topics on your own! When you choose one to start it will take you to a page like the below:

Here you can see a synopsis of the plan, how many days it is and how many other people have completed the plan. If you want to start then simply click the “Start Plan” button and it will be added to your plans or devotionals. There are some steps before it takes you back to your plans. It’s going to ask if you want to complete the plan private or with others and these are all preference. Eventually you’ll get back to the below screen, which is YOUR list of plans – see “My Plans.”

To start reading, simply click the devotional you just picked out and start with your first day. It’s really cool because the app will help you stay on track with your devotionals. You can turn on your notifications so it reminds you to read for the day. I love reading these devotionals because they are written by PEOPLE just like you and I who go and work through their own stuggles. They are using God and their faith to get through these times. I usually spend my time doing a lot of self-reflection while reading devotionals espescially with my energy and relationship with God. Another awesome thing about the app is you can bookmark scriptures! So that you can always look back on a category that you created and recite a scripture.

Here are some of my favorite devotionals I have read so far and I love going back and reading them over and over! Each time, I feel like depending on where I am at presently or what I am going through has a different perspective and reaction.

  • “Worry” – a 7 day devotional with over 1 million completions
  • “The Messy Table” – A 2 part, 14 day devotional with over 25,000 completions together.
  • “Right People, Right Place, Right Plan” – You need to read this one! So good! a 7 day plan with over 10,000 completions.
  • “Growing Patience” – a 4 day plan with over 100,000 completions.
  • “God Comes Through On Time” – 6 day plan with over 100,000 completions

Right now I am reading “Just Such A Time” and “Combat Stress: Finding Your New Rhythm” and loving the message behind both! I hope ya’ll found this post useful! I would love to start a little group and complete devotionals with others. I want to hear other indivduals take on the reading and how it helps them! If you would be interested let me know in the comments, an email or DM on Instagram!


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