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March 12, 2018

Easy Vanilla Matcha Latte!

Easy Vanilla Matcha Latte

Hello friends! Hope you’re having a better start to daylight savings time than me. I woke up this morning and I struggled to get out of bed. I’m already not a moring person, so when I lose an hour of sleep it’s not a great mix! I posted a picture on my instagram of my first matcha latte and a lot of you asked for me to share the recipe! With that being said, here is my easy vanilla match latte for your extra morning boost.

If you’ve never heard of matcha before it is basically green tea leaves ground up into a powder form for direct consumption. See below for more benefits!


Let’s talk ingredients:

  • 1 TSP of Organic Matcha
  • 1 C of Heated Vanilla Almond Milk
    (or whatever milk you choose, this is what makes it a latte)
  • 1/2 C hot water
  • 1 TSP of Cinnamon
  • 1 TSP of Stevia (or sweetener of choice, honey, etc)
  • Blender (or pot to mix)

Matcha Latte

  This really is super easy and fast to make so this recipe will be short and sweet 😉

Heat your choice of milk and water in a sauce pan, I used Vanilla Almond milk because I like sweet stuff. It’s only 80 calories and I don’t believe in depriving myself from things that I love lol. If you want you can use Unsweetened Almond milk, regular milk, coconut milk, seriously the options are endless so do you boo boo. Once it’s heated enough, about 8 minutes, pour into your blender. Add your matcha, cinnamon and stevia, then blend well. Pour into your favorite mug and sip. I like the froth on the top but if you don’t then you can scoop it off. Drink up and  then tell me you feel awesome after! Hope you all enjoyed this super short post! If you do make it, take a picture and tag me! I’d love to feature you on my stories and see your own spin.


Matcha Latte

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